Bennett Dudley

The day after Thanksgiving is usually a time spent recovering from turkey overload and watching a little football. In 2016, Bennett Dudley spent his in University Hospital’s Emergency Department.

Dudley had taken his 3-year-old daughter dove hunting in Wrens, Ga., and the two were relaxing when disaster struck.

“I was sitting in front of the golf cart on a stool and she was in the cart,” Dudley said. “I handed her my cell phone through the front window and when she handed it back to me, she accidentally stepped on the pedal.”

The cart lurched forward, pinning Dudley to the ground for nearly two minutes before help arrived. He blacked out briefly, but friends quickly began transporting him to University Hospital with injuries to his shoulder and back.

“They had a wheelchair there waiting for me when we pulled up,” Dudley said. “But I was in so much pain, there was no way I could sit or even lie down. I had to walk to the back.”

“I was born at University, but I had never spent any time in a hospital as a patient. I certainly didn’t want to be there, but once we arrived at University’s ED, the people there were just phenomenal.”

Emergency physician Matthew Rudy, M.D., was in charge of Dudley’s case and quickly worked to control his pain before scheduling him for a CT scan to ensure Dudley didn’t have internal bleeding.

Dudley spent the next couple of weeks recovering at home and continues to be thankful that University’s Emergency Department was there when he needed it.

“The accident certainly wasn’t fun,” Dudley said with a laugh, “but my experience at the ED was fantastic.”

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