Brenda Aiken

After 37 years at University Hospital, Brenda Aiken acknowledges that she has a love affair with heart disease.

“I fell in love with the process, I fell in love with the job, and I stayed here because of the physicians, the staff and the whole unity of this hospital,” she said.

University Hospital’s Cardiovascular Invasive Suites is where patients’ hearts and vascular systems can be visualized using specialized diagnostic equipment and treated if necessary using tools such as percutaneous coronary intervention, which uses angioplasty with stenting to open blocked areas within the artery.

Patients in need of immediate care in the Cath Lab are often in the midst of a heart attack, which means seconds count when it comes to saving heart muscle.

“We have a 90-minute window from door to balloon,” she said. “That means that timer starts the minute the patient enters the emergency room until the time that angioplasty balloon is inflated in the artery. Every second counts.”

“I think that if the vision had not been here; the goals had not been here, I may not have been here,” she said, “but I’ve seen what this hospital has done for this community. So that’s why I’m still here, because it’s the best place. There’s no place like this.”

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  1. Brenda does a great job and personifies “true professional.” Thank you for your years of dedication to our patients and their families Brenda!

    Laurie Ott
    President, University Health Care Foundation

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