Caroline McManus

As a high school senior, Caroline McManus should have been planning graduation parties, thinking about prom and reviewing her SAT scores. Instead, she endured random attacks of pain for eight months before a University Hospital physician diagnosed the issue in our Emergency Department.

“I had gone to doctors, and they couldn’t tell me what was happening,” McManus said. “Then one night it was just so bad that my mom took me to the emergency room here at University and after a bunch of tests, they discovered I needed my appendix out. I’d had appendicitis for eight months.”

McManus said it was an incredible relief to finally have answers and the medical treatment she needed.

“Everyone was so great while I was there,” she said. “I was actually supposed to go to the beach the day I had surgery, and my nurse wrote on the board in my room ‘Goal: Beach.’ I went directly to the beach from the hospital!”

Looking back, McManus remembers just how impressed she was with how thorough University Hospital’s Emergency Department was in tracking down the root cause of her pain.

“Just the fact that they took me seriously and ran so many tests until they found out what the problem was … I was so appreciative.”

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