Cheryl Willis

Cheryl Willis suffered from asthma all her life – she had even been sent to University Hospital’s Emergency Department in 2011 after a serious episode – but she never expected to be back in University’s ED with heart issues.

“It was 2014, and I had passed out at work,” Willis said. “They called an ambulance, and I was taken to University Hospital, where they immediately took me back into the Emergency Department.”

Willis was experiencing tachycardia, a heart rhythm disorder that causes the heart to beat faster than normal and if left untreated can possibly lead to heart failure, stroke or sudden cardiac arrest.

The medical team at University Hospital’s ED diagnosed Willis with atrial fibrillation, caused by irregular electrical impulses in the upper chambers of the heart. It was a serious condition, but eminently treatable.

“I was admitted to the hospital for a week and a half and started seeing Dr. Bowman for treatment,” Willis said. University Cardiologist Mac Bowman, M.D., put Willis on a number of heart medications as well as an exercise plan to help her condition. “I’ve been very strict about my plan, and I’ve done very well ever since.”

Three years later, University Hospital is still the Willis family’s hospital of choice.

“University has meant a lot to my family,” she said. “Everyone is so friendly. They take care of your needs, and I’ve been very, very pleased every time I’ve come here.

“University is definitely my No. 1 choice for health care – it’s outstanding.”

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