Cicily Youmans

Hello, I’m Cicily Youmans, and I was born at University Hospital in 1974!
I have been a patient at University Hospital on several occasions. They have saved my life on each occasion; there was one instance where I was there for more than seven months on 10 West. I had nothing but the best care and the best experience. The nurses and doctors became a part of my life and my family, and if it wasn’t for University Hospital, I wouldn’t be alive today.
I am also a part of University Hospital’s Breast Health Center where I attend the Pink Magnolias Breast Cancer Support Group as a breast cancer survivor.
University Hospital has played a major part of my life, and I owe my life to them. I would like to say thank you University Hospital for all you do and for saving my life; you are definitely a five-star hospital.
I participate in the Miracle Mile Walk every year, and I raise money to help other women get a mammogram. I am so grateful to be a part of something so special. Laurie Ott (President of University Health Care Foundation) is the best at what she does and so is (surgeon) Dr. Randy Cooper and Melissa Manly (coordinator of University’s Breast Health Center) just to name a few.
I would recommend University Hospital to any of my friends and family, but my family already goes there because they know where the best is and we insist on University.

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  1. Thank you Cicily! We appreciate your support of University Health Care Foundation and all you do for the Miracle Mile Walk to help us fight breast cancer in our community. We appreciate you!
    Laurie Ott
    President, University Health Care Foundation

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