Ed Tarver

Ed Tarver was still a Georgia State Senator in 2005 when he came to Augusta for a Memorial Day event and began feeling like something wasn’t right.

“I started to feel some tightness in my chest, so I left the event and came to University Hospital,” he said. “At the ED reception desk, we gave a one-sentence explanation of why we were there, and the young lady behind the desk immediately sprang into action.”

“The next thing I knew, I was taken back in the ED and was face to face with a physician.”

Tarver’s medical team in University’s Emergency Department quickly determined the senator had a heart attack. Tarver made a full recovery from his ordeal, and he credits University’s emergency team for its quick reaction to his condition.

“University was the only choice in my mind in an emergency like that,” he said. “The reputations of the physicians here in the community are outstanding, and that gives you a level of confidence and certainly shows the level of commitment that this hospital has to the Augusta-area community.”

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