Jay Jefferies


With one innocuous word, Jay Jefferies’ wife knew something was terribly wrong with her husband in January 2014.

“My wife needed my health insurance card out of my wallet,” Jefferies said, “and I just couldn’t say the word ‘nightstand.’”

The couple immediately drove to University Hospital’s Emergency Department, where physicians determined Jefferies had suffered a transient ischemic attack (TIA), or mini-stroke.

“When we first got to the hospital, they already had all of my information because I’d been there before, and they had me back in a room in probably two minutes,” he said. “There were doctors coming in from everywhere, and some might think they did that because of who I am, but I know that is just the way it’s done at University Hospital.”

A CT scan revealed a dark mass at the back of Jefferies’ head and the University team of physicians worked to alleviate the problem.

“I had heart surgery at University Hospital in 2013, so I was already on blood thinners, but they upped my dosage temporarily to help dissolve the mass,” Jefferies said.

“I am a very lucky person – I know that, and I know the team here at University Hospital is part of the reason I’m here today.”

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