Marilyn Drenten

Sometimes, going to the physician’s office can literally be a lifesaver – just ask 86-year-old Marilyn Drenten.

Mrs. Drenten was at her physician’s office on July 21, 2000, when she had a massive heart attack right there in the office.

“I remember bits and pieces of it, but I didn’t wake up until five days later in (University Hospital’s intensive care unit),” she said. It was during her 10-day stay in the unit that Mrs. Drenten first met Sally Poole, MN, CFNP, program coordinator of University’s Congestive Heart Failure program.

“From the time I got out of the hospital, they called me every single day for more than two years,” Mrs. Drenten said. “Then it went to once a week and now we’re at once a month.”

Through University’s CHF program, clinicians provide patient education and help them learn to manage their disease.

For Mrs. Drenten, peace of mind was knowing that help was available whenever she needed it.

“To this day I consider them the reason I’m still alive,” she said. “I can’t say enough wonderful things about University.”

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