Rebecca Ashmore

There is nothing more terrifying for a new parent than to hear that something might have happened to your child.

This is what Rebecca Ashmore endured when she received a text from her son’s daycare center saying that Thomas had fallen and hit his head. “They had put him down for a nap, but they couldn’t wake him up when nap time was over.”

When Ashmore arrived at the daycare, she and the other teachers tried to get Thomas up to no avail. “He just had this glazed look on his face, like he wasn’t tracking.” After a quick call to Thomas’ pediatrician, the pair rushed to University Hospital’s Emergency Department.

“He started perking up a little by the time we got to the ED,” Ashmore said, “but we had to be sure he was OK.”

Ashmore said her son was quickly taken back to have a CT scan of his head, where they ruled out any internal bleeding.

“You just don’t know,” she said. “No matter what, you have to make sure your child is going to be OK.

“University took my concerns extremely seriously, and they got us in and out in probably two hours. They were absolutely wonderful.”

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