Tony Tapley

The human body is an engineering marvel, but even the sturdiest parts wear down over time.

Tony Tapley, of Evans, said his right knee was bone on bone when he had total knee replacement surgery in December 2008. He had to wait nearly a full year before he received the same surgery on his left knee, but in the interim, advancements were being made in the field that have been put into practice here at University Hospital.

During the total knee replacement surgery on his left knee, Mr. Tapley received a new pain-management therapy designed to increase a patient’s comfort level, making it easier for them to begin the rehabilitation process.

Mr. Tapley could definitely tell the difference.

“There was just no comparison. I could just do more, be active much quicker as opposed to the other surgery,” he said. “It was less than a year apart, but hands down it was a better procedure.”

Mr. Tapley, who has had multiple surgeries at University, said he wouldn’t consider going elsewhere when it comes to his health.

“It’s a tremendous facility,” he said. “It’s always been first class.”

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